RUNESCAPE – Jagex Games Studio (2011 – 2013)

  • Worked as a developer on one of the pioneers of the MMORPG genre in its newest iteration: RuneScape 3
  • Designed and implemented high-risk end-game content played by hundreds of thousands of players each day
  • Carefully balanced content with regard to a decade-old virtual economy
  • Participated in a large-scale rework of the entirety of the combat gameplay and infrastructure
  • Co-developed the microtransactions shop and RuneScape’s monetisation updates
  • Fixed hundreds of bugs with the live game
  • Became curator for several areas of the game such as several bosses, quests, races, and all micro-transactions, and responsible for the quality of any content relating to my curatorships
  • Trained and mentored new hires

GOBBOWL – Ankama Games (2010)

  • Worked full-time as a game developer in an independent team involving game designers and artists to develop an online game, Gobbowl
  • Implemented gameplay features, structured a client/server architecture, developed and maintained internal tools (Java/AS3)
  • Operated under strict deadline pressure using Agile Development methods such as Scrum

IBM (2008)

  • Developed a fully integrated, LotusScript based program to manage IBM France’s hardware leases, which allowed greater visibility for senior management
  • Elected and designed specifications for the application

Novell (2007)

  • Worked on a team project to convert Peugeot to open source
  • Designed key parts of Novell France’s intranet
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