Behaviour Generation for Believable Schedule-Based Ambient NPCs (2010-2011)

Supervisor: Dr. Jeremy Gow

  • Developed a tool allowing game developers to quickly generate ambient NPCs for specified in-game locations
  • These generated NPCs sport varied, non-deterministic behaviours to increase their believability and user immersion in the game
  • Currently supports Neverwinter Nights 2, easily extensible to other games
  • Full report available here.

Generated NPCs with Behaviour in NWN2


GUI Screenshot


GUI Screenshot


Wireless Coordination of Heterogeneous Sensor-less Robots using Computer Vision (2009-2010)

Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Davidson

Team Members: Nicolas Lagoutte, Claudio Consolmagno, Raoul-Gabriel Urma, Adedamola Adeagbo, Peter Lipka

  • Used Computer Vision to wirelessly coordinate heterogeneous sensor-less robots to sort items based on shape and colour
  • Implemented inter-process communication between the C++ vision component and Java robot management software using Protobuffers
  • Optimized robot movement and obstacle avoidance using the A* algorithm
  • Full report available here.

Robot Setup

Online Trading Game (2009)

Team Members: Nicolas Lagoutte, Raoul-Gabriel Urma, Adedamola Adeagbo
  • Developed a web-based game that aggregates player data
  • Used well established technologies for the project such as PHP, Javascript, AJAX, supported by a postgreSQL database
  • Designed the entire user interface, created all graphics from hundreds of image files.
  • Awarded the IBM best 2nd year group project prize

Linux Memory Management (2009)

Team Members: Nicolas Lagoutte, Claudio Consolmagno, Adedamola Adeagbo
  • Wrote a device driver for a compressed ramdisk to enable a portable usb linux to run on computers with small amounts of memory
  • Implemented a binary tree-based buddy algorithm to avoid fragmentation
  • Carried out extreme quality engineering tests on our code, ensuring the highest possible up time, even when faced with corner cases
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